Maddie Rachel Courtney and Hanna Group (Haha. We beat you.)

Ello Mate! Come on down unda to Australia! It's crykie grand!

Australia kicks every other countries butt. Why?

Here's why:

external image western-australia-kangaroo-beach.jpg
external image koala-bear_1.jpg
and see the tired stricken koala babies deep in the Australian Forests.
external image echidna-by-ausemade.jpg
This is a marsupial... that looks like a spiked playpus on land... hard to believe!!!

external image crocodile.jpg
Careful small children! this is indeed not a toy but rather a maneater!!!
external image australian-native-reptiles-blue-tongue-lizard1.JPG
this crazy dangerous, evil eyed snake does actually have a blue tongue..he did not eat blueberry cheesecake for brunch... its the real deal!
external image australian-money.jpg
this may look like fun monopoly money, but this too is actually not play-money but real Australian dough!
external image luna-park.jpg
this is luna (or moon) park in Sydney... this may scare the younguns though... :/
The Big Pineapple
The Big Pineapple

This is a very giant pineapple on the side of the road... enough said!
external image Aboriginal-kids.jpg
Ah yes of course! The lovely ever-famous, Aboriginal (or Aboriganeese??) children posing for their beauty shot!

external image australia-spider-welcome.jpg?w=780

This is what the natives use to get people to keep people from trying to permanently move to their country.
external image hilarious%20funny%20cute%20pictures%20of_australia.jpg
This picture too has the icky factor... keep your pet birdies at home, please...
external image australiadiving.jpg
external image australiadiving.jpg

that could be YOU!!! feet away from hugging an oversized turtle...

external image scuba_whale_shark.jpg
external image scuba_whale_shark.jpg

DONT be that guy!!!
external image irwin.jpg
They shot their beloved show, Crocodile Hunter, in the heart of Australia.